ADWhatsApp Apk

App Name ADWhatsApp
App Version V36
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category ADWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

"Download the new AD WhatsApp application with a direct link to AD WhatsApp. This is the new and improved version of its development and is preferred by many users around the world. You can also download the latest version of the AD WhatsApp application, which has greatly admired millions of people around the world."

You can download the AD WhatsApp application, which contains many wonderful features and additions, which makes it a unique and distinguished application. It also includes many features that you will not find in the original WhatsApp application. The developer has worked to fix all the defects that were present in the old version of WhatsApp. Download AD WhatsApp, where the new version has been updated to suit your desire. "

Download AD WhatsApp against ban

Download AD WhatsApp Modern. You can download the AD WhatsApp program, the original modified version of the official version of WhatsApp available on the Google Play Store, with this version completely against the ban.
In addition, it contains many wonderful functions and features that you will not find in any version, as AD WhatsApp carries many great additions, in addition to the fact that the developer has made many versions and there are many other versions.

Download AD WhatsApp apk

Dear reader, you can download the AD WhatsApp application, which is considered one of the most famous modern versions of the WhatsApp family, and it is a huge application that needs no introduction.

AD WhatsApp is considered one of the fastest applications for making phone calls between countries. You can download it with ease, as it is the AD WhatsApp application, which is considered lightweight on all versions of Android phones.

AD WhatsApp apk is a wonderful and distinctive messaging application through which you can make video calls and group calls between friends and family. Download AD WhatsApp where you can gather more than one friend in one call.

AD WhatsApp download version runs continuously for up to five months from the date of publication or release; Download AD WhatsApp. Without performing any update, after that you will need to perform an update.

This way you will find many new features and great additions to enjoy automatically; AD WhatsApp update One of the most important features of this program is that you can share the Holy Quran with your friends. AD WhatsApp, you will also find morning and evening dhikr and many features that we will mention in this article.

    Advantages that make downloading AD WhatsApp latest version different

    Download AD WhatsApp latest version; One of the best and most important features of this program, which makes it special, is that this version is considered a collection of all the features found in the latest versions of AD WhatsApp.

    Furthermore it; It is exclusive to some other versions as it contains new additions that are not found in the rest of the other versions. These features are the following:

    The developer has added the use of existing filters to take photos. Download AD WhatsApp.
    And also; He also edited it before sending it, so now you will not need to download programs for editing or beautifying images, and this allows you to download the modern AD WhatsApp.

    You will enjoy many new ringtones for messages; AD WhatsApp, which you can choose to set a special ringtone for your friends or a ringtone within a specific group in the AD WhatsApp download application.

    You can also add calculator functionality, which is very important for many students of all educational levels.

    AD WhatsApp application. Moreover, it is useful for running business on AD WhatsApp, especially if you are using this app to manage your business.

    AD WhatsApp apk; You will also be able to send many academic messages to groups in a simpler way than the method that existed before in the previous version.

    Download AD WhatsApp This is done by clicking Select All once and then pressing the Send button; Download AD WhatsApp. A message, video or photo will be sent faster.

    Download AD WhatsApp latest version

    Download AD WhatsApp A medical encyclopedia was added to the program to treat more than 140 patients.

    AD WhatsApp is adding a Gregorian and Hijri date converter. In order to register, you must know the calendar and date and know how to write your monthly agenda within the AD WhatsApp application.

    Download AD WhatsApp latest version. There are many wonderful shapes and colors of bubbles for sending and receiving messages.

    Through the AD WhatsApp application, you can copy these written statuses, in addition to downloading photos and videos from some of your friends’ offending WhatsApp pages. Download AD WhatsApp Modern; You can also send it in a new and different way.

    AD WhatsApp application. The developer has worked to restore features that were removed in the previous version, such as the colored bubbles feature that was removed through the program and restored in the AD WhatsApp application in this version.

      Technical information about downloading AD WhatsApp

      Program name: AD WhatsApp
      Operating system: Android system
      License: Completely free
      Size: it is 54M
      الإصدار: is 48.60
      Language: The app is multilingual

        Privacy in downloading AD WhatsApp against ban

        AD WhatsApp is a popular chat and messaging app for mobile phones, whether they run on older or newer operating systems like iPhones or Android devices like Galaxy and Samsung phones.

        It is also compatible with other phone brands such as BlackBerry, Oppo, and Xiaomi.
        The AD WhatsApp APK application is considered one of the most important and prominent chat applications, as it allows users to send text messages and make voice calls. Recently, the application added the feature of sharing photos and videos among family members and friends, which enhances communication capabilities.

        AD WhatsApp offer many features within the application. After downloading and using it, you will find many advantages, including activating voice calls.
        This has increased the popularity of AD WhatsApp among users.

        Additionally, you can access privacy settings within AD WhatsApp. Users can activate a setting that prevents messages from being deleted.
        It is worth noting that AD WhatsApp is a unique and impressive application that allows users to enable the status display feature.
        Moreover, it allows users to download the latest version of AD WhatsApp, enabling them to download their friends' status and prevent it from being indicated that messages have been forwarded.

          Download AD WhatsApp

          The new version of AD WhatsApp is against bans and piracy, and it is completely free without paying any financial fees, so you can download and update it

          ; Download AD WhatsApp. Through this version you can switch to text messages: AD WhatsApp. You can also share photos and files in a simple way.
          You can download and use this version on Samsung phone and many Android version phones. how; This is an AD WhatsApp download and it works on all networks such as 2G and 3G networks perfectly.

          It works on Wi-Fi networks anywhere, and if a 4G network is available, you can also use the AD WhatsApp update application.

          This is the AD WhatsApp app; It works on many features quickly and highly, so you can change text messages.

          Download AD WhatsApp and share photos, videos, files, pictures and animated icons.
          How to download all this for free in AD WhatsApp apk, it is very easy and makes everything easier for the users. It is completely safe and does not contain any harmful effects. Download AD WhatsApp.

          How to update AD WhatsApp

          Regarding the method of updating ADWhatsApp, this version is very easy to download because this application is considered light on the mobile phone. Download ADWhatsApp, which is a modified version of the official version of WhatsApp available on the Google Play Store through it, where you can use two numbers on the same phone without causing any harm. .

          Download ADWhatsApp This application is completely different from the original WhatsApp application because it contains many free functions and features, the most important of which is that you can use ADWhatsApp against bans.

          Run two numbers on the same phone without causing any harm to ADWhatsApp. Additionally, it is completely different from the original app in terms of the features and functionality it offers

          Download ADWhatsApp, the latest version, which is considered a great version that can be updated every three months.

          To download this program, you must go to the end of our article, and you will find the download link inside it.
          Download ADWhatsApp Hadith; Click on this link and the program will open easily. Download it and then go to the phone settings; ADWhatsApp application.

          Then configure downloads from untrusted sources, then click on the word “Install” ADWhatsApp apk. The application will simply be installed on your phone for free, so you can use all the features of the program and the features it contains, including the ability to create a password in the application; Download ADWhatsApp. You can also make voice calls, video calls, and hide secret conversations, all for greater privacy.

            What is ADWhatsApp latest version?

            You can easily download the latest version of ADWhatsApp; But before studying how to download

            We should know what ADWhatsApp is
            . The developer of this program is considered one of the Arab developers who worked on developing the famous ADWhatsApp update application, which many people consider one of the most famous communication platforms.

            Social media is also one of the best chat apps. Download ADWhatsApp, as there are many people who use this application to communicate with each other. By downloading it, you will be able to do many wonderful tasks to hide your presence on the WhatsApp application.

            ADWhatsApp You can hide what is being written, pause, hide your audio clip recording, and many other functions that you can only find within this program developed by the developer. Moreover, it is available in many languages, both Arabic and foreign.

            Download ADWhatsApp latest version; Many people around the world are starting to lack innovation in applications. So; The developer worked on creativity and invented everything new in this type of application. Download ADWhatsApp. It is certain that with the increase in the number of downloads of this program, the developer has become a creative, brilliant, and genius programmer.

            Download ADWhatsApp from our website. It allows you to make voice calls that do not cost any money to make; Only by connecting to the Internet.

              Download ADWhatsApp latest version for computer

              The ADWhatsApp application, the latest version for the computer, works well to meet all the desires of many users. ADWhatsApp apk.

              Because it supports a large number of different tasks, which is what many people request, as there are a large number of segments of society who have downloaded ADWhatsApp. They prefer to download more than one version on the phone, so with these versions you can do that; Download ADWhatsApp.

              You will get many great features, options and functions that are not supported in the regular WhatsApp application, the official version available on the Google Play Store. The application supports the unlimited group calling function, download ADWhatsApp.
              ADWhatsApp contains many features that are available for free and are countless; ADWhatsApp is anti-ban. You will be surprised when you download the program and see it. We will leave a link to the modified ADWhatsApp latest version at the end of the article with a direct link for free so that you can download ADWhatsApp in a simple and free way, the version developed by the developer.

                Advantages of downloading the ADWhatsApp application

                One of the best features within this program is that it is completely anti-ban. Download the latest version of ADWhatsApp; you can easily select all chats from the main application screen.

                This version supports the reading of the Holy Qur’an and supplications, and you can also share it with friends. Also; Download ADWhatsApp.

                Allows you to add all filters in order to improve images; ADWhatsApp .And work on modifying it before sending it to anyone.

                You will find that the developer has added a new feature to make ringtones to sent or received messages; Download ADWhatsApp Modern.

                There is a special version of the calculator to benefit students who are on ADWhatsApp apk; It is dedicated to them.

                There is a feature to select a group message and send it to all groups at once.
                This version works fully for up to 5 months from the release date of the ADWhatsApp application.

                  ADWhatsApp features

                  ADWhatsApp is a popular and feature-rich messaging app that offers a wide range of exciting features. It is similar to the previous version of ADWhatsApp, but with some differences.
                  One of the main advantages of this version is the ability to use multiple accounts on the same phone simultaneously.
                  In addition, the developers have made several changes to the main interface, including the option to choose the camera and a dedicated section for contacts. Continuous updates have also been made to enhance the capabilities of this version.

                  Using ADWhatsApp, you can open multiple accounts with different numbers on the same phone.
                  You can also view all media messages without having to download them to your phone gallery.
                  Another feature is the ability to hide your online status and presence from all your contacts, providing more privacy.
                  In addition, you can delete messages read by the recipient.
                  The ADWhatsApp version also allows you to schedule messages, where you can write a message and set a specific time to send it automatically in advance.

                  ADWhatsApp offers different themes to choose from, allowing you to customize the interface and change the app icon to suit your preferences. Moreover, you can disable all calls or communications from specific contacts if someone is harassing you.

                    Download ADWhatsApp latest version

                    After completing the process of downloading the ADWhatsApp download program
                    For free from our website, you will enjoy many of the advantages that we mentioned previously in this article; Rosa Download ADWhatsApp At the end of this article we control how to download and use this application because it is very easy and does not consume the Internet and is completely free and weighs little on the phone.

                    It has many wonderful features that you will only find in this application. Regarding how to download ADWhatsApp against ban. Go to the end of this article and you will find the direct download link available with us in an easy and simple way.

                    Download ADWhatsApp latest version Click on it to be able to download ADWhatsApp; I was easily able to connect with family and friends from all over the world.

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